El Papa Francisco: Sacerdotes, humanos, amables y perdonadores


Pope Francis has emphasized the importance of priests being human, kind, and forgiving during an international meeting for priests. The Pope, addressing approximately 1,000 participants at the event, highlighted three main messages: the joy of the Gospel, belonging to a community, and the transformative power of service.

In his speech, Pope Francis expressed gratitude to the promoters and organizers of the meeting. He acknowledged the challenges that many participants faced in traveling to Rome for the event, but also commended them for the invaluable service they perform in their dioceses and countries.

The Pope emphasized the importance of dialogue and sharing ideas among priests. He encouraged them to address the challenges and problems they face, while also exploring new horizons of priestly formation in these changing times. He warned against the arrogance of assuming to have all the answers, emphasizing the need for humility and a readiness to learn and grow along the journey.

Pope Francis drew inspiration from the biblical passage in which Paul urges Timothy to “rekindle the gift of God.” He urged priests to revive their passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to their vocation. The Pope emphasized the need to embrace the joy of the Gospel, which frees individuals from the isolating grip of individualism and offers a life filled with love, meaning, and hope.

The Holy Father stressed the importance of human formation for priests. He emphasized that being a priest is not merely a religious label but a lifestyle that demands care and attention to one’s own humanity. Priests need to be fully human, engaging in relationships, caring for the vulnerable, and approaching ministry with maturity and grace. Pope Francis warned against becoming “worldly” priests, who lose sight of their true calling and purpose.

The Pope urged priests to never tire of mercy and forgiveness. He emphasized that people come to confession seeking forgiveness, not theological debates or excessive penances. He implored priests to always be merciful and understanding, offering compassion and acceptance to all.

In his concluding remarks, Pope Francis emphasized the importance of grace and tenderness. He cited Our Lady as an example, noting the graceful tenderness she offered to all those in need. He encouraged priests to ask for the grace to be kind and tender, especially towards those who are vulnerable and in need of support.

In summary, Pope Francis has called on priests to embrace their humanity, demonstrate kindness and forgiveness, and foster a deep connection to the joy of the Gospel. He stressed the importance of continuous learning, dialogue, and human formation in order to effectively serve God’s people. The Pope’s message serves as a reminder to priests of their vital role in spreading God’s love and mercy to all.