La situación carcelaria provoca que Ecuador declare estado de emergencia: El presidente Daniel Noboa impone medidas drásticas por 60 días.


The recent situation in Ecuador’s jail system has resulted in President Daniel Noboa declaring a state of emergency for a period of sixty days. This decision, made on Monday, aims to address the crisis at hand and implement necessary measures to restore order and security.

President Daniel Noboa, a dynamic and young entrepreneur who assumed office in November, has taken swift action following reports from the prison system agency SNAI. These reports indicated various incidents occurring in six prisons across the country, including instances of convicts successfully overpowering prison guards. Such incidents have raised significant concerns regarding the overall management and safety of Ecuador’s correctional facilities.

This state of emergency includes the implementation of a curfew and the deployment of military forces on the streets and inside prisons. By imposing a curfew, the government aims to restrict movement during certain hours, reducing the likelihood of further disturbances and criminal activities. Additionally, the presence of the military aims to reinforce security measures and restore order within the correctional facilities.

The decision to declare a state of emergency came in response to the disappearance of José Adolfo Macías, better known as “Fito.” Macías, a highly violent inmate, was the leader of the notorious criminal organization, Los Choneros. Serving a 34-year prison sentence, his sudden disappearance has sparked concerns about internal collusion and inadequate security protocols within the prison system.

President Noboa, recognizing the severity of the situation, has called for immediate action. By declaring a state of emergency, his administration seeks to address the underlying issues that have allowed such incidents to occur and take measures to prevent their recurrence. The safety and security of both prison staff and inmates are of paramount importance to the government.

The state of emergency will provide the government with the necessary tools and authority to investigate and rectify the current crisis. It will enable the restructuring of prison management protocols, ensuring stronger security measures and improved accountability. The curfew and heightened military presence will act as a deterrent and ensure the restoration of order and normalcy within Ecuador’s correctional facilities.

The government’s response to the jail situation reflects a commitment to the safety and well-being of both the public and those serving sentences within the country’s prison system. President Noboa and his administration are adamant about ending the reign of criminal organizations operating inside the correctional facilities. They are determined to restore public confidence in the justice system by implementing effective measures to combat corruption, violence, and criminal activities within the prison system.

The state of emergency, effective for the next sixty days, will present an opportunity for the government to evaluate and strengthen the prison system. It will involve a thorough assessment of the current infrastructure, staffing, and protocols, with a focus on identifying vulnerabilities and implementing necessary reforms. The government will work diligently to ensure that incidents like those observed recently become a thing of the past.

Beyond addressing the immediate crisis, the administration plans to pursue long-term solutions to transform Ecuador’s correctional facilities into secure and rehabilitative centers. The government aims to prioritize the rehabilitation and reintegration of inmates into society, reducing the likelihood of recidivism and contributing to a safer, more prosperous society as a whole.

In conclusion, President Daniel Noboa’s decision to declare a state of emergency in Ecuador’s jail system reflects a commitment to restore order and security. The measures implemented, including a curfew and increased military presence, seek to address the recent crisis and prevent further incidents. The government’s decisive action demonstrates a commitment to prioritize the safety and well-being of both prison staff and inmates. Additionally, the state of emergency is an opportunity for the government to evaluate and strengthen the prison system, implementing necessary reforms to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. Through these efforts, President Noboa and his administration aim to transform Ecuador’s correctional facilities into secure and rehabilitative centers for a safer and more prosperous society.