“Powering the Future: One Energy Launches First Megawatt Hub in Findlay, Ohio”


One Energy Enterprises Inc. (“One Energy”), a vertically integrated industrial power solutions company, announced today that its first Megawatt Hub in Findlay, Ohio (“Findlay Megawatt Hub”) has officially begun commercial operations. This significant milestone marks the beginning of a new era in industrial power solutions.

One Energy’s Megawatt Hubs provide high-volume power connections for industries that require substantial loads of electricity for their operations. Industries such as electric truck charging, digital currency mining, and indoor farming often demand between five and ten megawatts (MW) of power. The Findlay Megawatt Hub, a 30-MW site that can be expanded to 150 MW, is equipped with the first fully digital, plug-and-play, transmission-voltage substation in the United States.

One Energy CEO Jereme Kent highlighted the wide range of applications for Megawatt Hubs, stating, “Some energy-intensive industries that will need access to power at this scale include electric fleet charging, cathode and anode manufacturing, hydrogen production, digital currency mining, mobile data centers, and indoor farming. Previously, obtaining this level of power at transmission voltages was quite complicated, and the lack of access to such power has been stifling these industries. Our Megawatt Hubs aim to eliminate power problems and enable the acceleration of these emerging industries.”

The Findlay Megawatt Hub will initially house a digital currency mining tenant that operates mining computers in enclosed mobile computing units. Additionally, the Hub will include a charging pad for electric semi-trucks and large electric vehicles. At its current capacity, the Findlay Megawatt Hub is capable of simultaneously charging up to 90 electric semi-trucks, thereby facilitating the electrification of over 500 electric semis in the region with continuous charging capabilities. This feature makes One Energy’s Megawatt Hub solution attractive to even the largest of fleets and operators.

Looking ahead, Kent expressed excitement about the commercial operation of their first Megawatt Hub and revealed that plans are already underway for potential future sites. He stated, “We are proud to solve the big power problems of today and tomorrow for the emerging industries we hope to serve.”

It is worth noting that the Findlay Megawatt Hub is situated beneath a Wind for Industry project owned by One Energy. One Energy is a leading industrial power company and the largest installer of on-site, behind-the-meter wind energy in the United States. It has developed modern energy services, such as Wind for Industry® and Managed High Voltage®, to address the challenges faced by large energy consumers.

Founded in 2009, One Energy is headquartered in Findlay, Ohio, and employs approximately 65 individuals. The company aims to build a customer-centric grid of the future by offering innovative and efficient power solutions.

In other news, TortoiseEcofin Acquisition Corp. III (“TRTL”) recently formed with the objective of effecting a merger, share exchange, or similar business combination. As part of this, TRTL intends to merge with One Energy Enterprises Inc. and other parties, resulting in the formation of the Combined Company, expected to be renamed “One Power Company.” This proposed transaction is subject to the Agreement and Plan of Merger, and TRTL plans to file a registration statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to provide shareholders with detailed information about the transaction.

Potential shareholders and interested parties are advised to carefully review the relevant filings and documents related to the Proposed Transaction once they become available from the SEC. The definitive proxy statement, prospectus, and other important documents will be sent to TRTL shareholders to facilitate an informed vote on the Proposed Transaction. Additional information about the parties involved can be obtained from the SEC’s website.

In conclusion, One Energy’s first Megawatt Hub in Findlay, Ohio, commencing commercial operations marks a significant milestone in the field of industrial power solutions. With the ability to provide high-volume power connections and support emerging energy-intensive industries, One Energy is at the forefront of innovation in the power sector. They aim to solve the significant power challenges faced by these industries and pave the way for a more sustainable and efficient future.